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Robin Ratliff - Awardee 1989

Robin Ratliff first rode a horse at the age of three. By the time she was 10, she was training and exhibiting her own Quarter Horse. At 11, she made the transition to Paso Finos and won her first open class National Championship on a horse she had trained before she graduated high school. Today, she is one of the most successful professional Paso Fino trainers in the country. Literally, her entire life, Robin has been doing what comes naturally to her - riding, training, exhibiting, and loving horses.

Robin's history in the Paso Fino breed dates back over 35 years. She is one of a small percentage of current Paso Fino Horse Association (PFHA) members who was around when the breed association was named American Paso Fino (APF). She was a member during the struggle and subsequent emergence of the Paso Fino Owners and Breeders Association (PFOBA) which later changed its name to PFHA. And, she is one of only a handful of members who has shown in every PFHA Grand National Championship Show numbering 32 in 2004. Robin is most often recognized for her accomplishments as a rider and trainer, but she has also contributed to the presence of the Paso Fino in the United States through her involvement in the activities and functions of the PFHA and through the growth and promotion of the Paso Fino breeding business she co-owns with her mother. She has a combination of longevity in the breed, broadness of experience in the association, and equine business experience rivaled by few in the breed today.

Robin decided early on to make her living as a professional in the breed. Her hard work and dedication throughout the years has paid off. She has over 100 Grand National Reserve Grand National and National Championships with additional National placements to numerous to count. She has helped Amateur Owners reach their goals in the show ring and on the trail. And, she is often asked to give clinics on various training and exhibiting subjects. In 1989, Robin was voted by her peers to receive the second Paso Fino Trainer of the Year Award. Possibly though, her most prestigious award to date was being named one of seven USA-E Equestrians of Honor in 2002 receiving the C.J. "June" Cronan Trophy. This was the first time a Paso Fino rider had been recognized at this level by USA-E.

Robin's involvement with the activities and functions of PFHA is long and diverse. She is a life member and was a member of the preceding organizations PFOBA and APF. She has served on numerous committees including the Executive Committee, the Judges and Stewards Committee, the Professional Trainers/Horsemen Committee, the Youth Committee, the Rules Committee, and the Planning Committee. She has previously been and is currently a Board of Directors Representative for Everglades Region. She is also the current president of Everglades and has held this position previously.

Robin is a Senior Certified Judge and has held a judge's card since 1973. She is the youngest person to have received her judge's card at the age of 17 and may currently be the longest continuously standing judge in the breed. She is also a USEF recorded judge. Over the years, Robin has judged shows in many different regions and internationally including the Equitation Mundial in Puerto Rico in 2000.

Robin co-owns Greener Pastures Ranch, established in 1967, with her mother, Henrietta Ratliff. She has been through many years of introducing the breed to newcomers and marketing the breed to prospective buyers. Her knowledge and experience in this area has helped grow the business into a full-service breeding, boarding, and training facility. The ranch is located on 100 acres southeast of Tallahassee, Florida and includes a 29 stall barn with indoor riding ring, a smaller 5 stall barn, 10 paddocks, an outdoor riding ring, and 7 pastures. In addition to training, Robin is responsible for all aspects of running the business including strategic planning, marketing, employee performance and relations, financial management and forecasting, and facility maintenance as well as the complete care of 85 horses.

Robin has made her mark in the equine world as a professional Paso Fino trainer, active member in the endeavors of PFHA, and as a businesswoman. Her livelihood is derived from the business of Paso Finos and she is truly dedicated to the Paso Fino horse and to the breed in general.